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Mother died in Ukrainian shelling in front of her son in Donetsk

Это Владик Зайченко, ему 8 лет. 4 Июня 2017 года вечером, в Донецке, в районе Трудовских (ДНР) Владик возвращался из гостей вместе со своей мамой. В этот момент ВСУ начали обстрел... Одна из мин упала совсем близко... Владик получил серьезные ранения (осколочные ранения кисти, ноги, четыре проникающих ранения кишечника и серьезнейшее ранение печени), а его мама погибла у него на глазах...
Сначала война забрала у мальчика папу, а теперь и маму. Владик остался круглым сиротой и его жизнь висит на волоске. Пожалуйста. помолитесь за Владика Зайченко - он должен жить!

As a result of Ukrainian shelling an 8-years-old child was wounded and his mother perished in front of him. It happened in the evening on June 4th. Ukrainian gunmen conducted fire at the Donetsk western vicinities; the locality of Trudovskye underwent severe shelling.

Exhausted Vlad is in the intensive therapy department for two days already. He is conscious but feels bad. The boy can hardly move his bandaged fingers.

He don’t want to talk, for not every adult person would be able to find words to describe the tragedy which took place. He was taken from the road where the hit of 82 mm caliber mortar round was recorded.

"A civilian man moved him, when we arrived the boy had been provided with first aid. There were two groups of orderly, one of them ran to help a woman and my group came to help a boy. As the first aid was provided we evacuated him, there was no reason to move a woman for she was already dead and we couldn’t do anything. We had another objective – to deliver the child to the hospital and provide all medical help needed for his survival," said a man from the medic team.

Vlad Zaichenko is only 8 years old but he had to go through the most dreadful life experience: in 2014 his father, Roman Kapustnyak, perished on the frontline, and on June 4th his mother was killed just in front of him. Not having lived for 10 years the boy remained an orphan and the war is the only reason for that.

In the evening when he was walking home with his mother, the shelling had begun and one of the mortar rounds exploded not far from them. It is a miracle Vlad survived.

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